James Dingle is graduating in June 2014 with a BA in Film and Television Production. He is based in London, England.

Previous projects include documenting an animatronic circus, editing a Nollywood feature film that premiered at iMax, collaborating with the Elstree Studios Heritage project and developing corporate films for Youtube – the most recent of which achieved over 30,000 views in its first month. He directed an advert for the BMW i3 this year

Working knowledge of sound/light engineering, camera, story and script, and more recently, sub-10k producing and production management, and occasionally directing, he is most experienced in post production, including editing and colour correction using the FCP, Adobe and AVID workflows. He has created 2D Motion Graphics for hundreds of projects, including the ‘BizzyBits’ campaign broadcasted across the Cartoon Network, Boomerang, MTV and E! for InVision Media. He has also developed extensive skills working in the industry standard student studio gallery through his coursework and extracurricular projects.

The ambition is to work in television and James has made the tea and coffee on location for the BBC and Channel 5. He is currently directing and producing a ten minute pilot episode for a docutainment as his graduate piece.


| Personal Statement and Stills (30Mb!)